Jackson, Miss.
July 1964

A thousand college students from the North are reported to be invading Mississippi this summer in order to engage in a Negro voter registration drive. It is unbelievable that a thousand college students would do this on their own. Those who know the ways of propaganda, especially of a Communist nature, probably correctly suspect that idealism of some college youngsters has been taken advantage of by some very hard boiled left-wingers and Communists who know exactly what they want to do-stir up trouble in the South.

It is of interest to note how, within almost hours after the disappearance of the first three civil rights agitators in the South, there were parades in Washington, Boston, Chicago, and in many other places across the land. If preparations had not been carefully made a long time ago for such demonstrations, they could not have come about so speedily.

This newspaper a long time ago pointed out that it is a deliberate attempt by Communist forces in the United States to stir up racial strife in this nation. The ultimate aim is, we believe, a black revolution. The invasion of Mississippi this summer is, in our estimation, part of this plan.

Entirely aside from the arrogance ... of these students who are going to Mississippi with no knowledge of the Negro problem or how to handle the situation, the really serious aspect of this invasion of Mississippi is the fact that this is part of an overall scheme to destroy the United States by way of a racial revolution.

From the Clarion Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi, July 30, 1964.