Civil Rights Act of 1964

LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover

LBJ to Mrs. Schwerner

Article in the Jackson Clarion-Ledger

Missing Poster

Deloach Report

LBJ on Voting Rights

Our God Is Marching On

MLK and Malcolm X

To Fulfill These Rights

Johnson Signing the Voting Rights Act

Wilkins Letter about Judge Cox

Judge Frank Johnson

1962 AL Voter Map

Selma Arrests

Selma, AL

Selma Marchers

Selma Marchers

King and Selma Marchers

Voter Lists Up article

Negro Voter article

Quiet March article

Halfway Point article

March Order Ends at Capitol article

SNCC and Castro

Voter Registration Increases

MLK Time Cover

Freedom Summer Pamphlet


Lyndon Johnson

Freedom School

SNCC in Mississippi

Sit-In Arrest

Uncle Sam poster

NYT--Voting Rights Act

NYT--LBJ signs Voting Rights Bill

NYT--LBJ Signs Voting Rights Bill

NYT--Americus, GA

NYT--Selma, AL

NYT--Selma, AL

NYT--Selma, AL

NYT--AL Capitol

NYT--AL Capitol

NYT--Nationwide Marches

NYT--Evars Killed

NYT--Evars Killed

NYT--Evars Reward

NYT--SNCC Workers Missing

NYT--Dulles Helps in MS Hunt

NYT--MS Lynch Mob

NYT--MS Freedom Summer

NYT--MS Unions

NYT--MLK Nobel Prizel

NYT--Malcolm X Killed

NYT--Malcolm X Killed

NYT--Malcolm X Killed