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WEB DuBois Autobiography
King's First Mass Meeting Speech
Booker T. Washington (on Origins of the Movement page)
Marcus Garvey on UNIA
Making History on a Bus
King's Address to the First Montgomery Mass Meeting
How I Got into the Movement (King)
Song: Give us the Ballot
Song: The Death of Emmitt Till
Transcript: Cooper v. Aaron
Freedom Chant
Get Your Rights, Jack
We Shall Overcome
The A&P Song
A Change is Gonna Come
JFK on Desegregation
Kennedy Meeting with White Birmingham Leaders
Speech at the Great March on Detroit
Eulogy for the Martyred Children
Letter from a Birmingham Jail
I Have a Dream
Civil Rights Act of 1964
March for Jobs and Freedom
We Want Freedom, Now
First Class Citizenship
While We Stand Here
LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover
LBJ to Mrs. Schwerner
Deloach Report
LBJ on Voting RIghts
Our God is Marching On
To Fulfill These Rights
Beyond Vietnam
Where do we go from here?
I've Been to the Mountaintop
On Black Power
The Ballot or the Bullet
Message to the Grassroots
Prospects for Freedom in 1965
Last Speech
Non-Violence and Self-Defense
On Being a Revolutionary
Taneytown -- Steve Earle
Cooper v. Aaron
Strange Fruit movie
Vigilante Man -- Woody Guthrie
Ballad of Medgar Evars -- Phil Ochs
All the songs on the Freedom Songs page.


Race Without Color -- Jared Diamond (an article from Discover Magazine saying race and body chemistry are not associated)
The Big Parade On the Road to Montgomery -- New York Times Article, March 21 1965