All of the materials on this site - photos, text, audio and video - are archived chronologically here (see Timeline), but they can also be found thematically by checking the Syllabus.

Materials to 1930
(Growing up in the Movement, Origins of the Civil Rights Movement, World War I, The Depression)

Materials: 1930-1954
(New Deal, World War II, The Road to Brown, Brown v. Board)

Materials: 1955-1957
(Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1957 Civil Rights Act)

Materials: 1957-1960
(Little Rock, Sit-Ins, SCLC & SNCC)

Materials: 1961-1963
(Freedom Rides, Albany Movement, Birmingham, March on Washington)

Materials: 1964-1965
(Freedom Summer, 1964 Civil Rights Act, Selma, 1965 Voting Rights Act)

Materials: 1966-present
(Chicago, Black Power Movement)