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One of the perks of writing a column about books is that you get to see galley copies of soon-to-be-released publications. One of those new books found its way into my in-box the other day: Leaving Pipe Shop, Memories of Kin (Scribner's) by UVA professor Deborah McDowell.

In one word; good. In another word: great. In 16 words: this is one you just won't want to miss when it is released in early January. Forty-five-year-old McDowell recounts her coming-of-age adventures in the working-class neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama known as "Pipe Shop."

We're expecting Oprah Winfrey or Whitney Houston to drop some serious bigmovie-money for the rights to this one folks. It's got all the makings of a blockbuster film as well as a best-seller.

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