Epic, Romance, and the Love of God: Medieval France and England

Course Description and Book-list

"Epic, Romance, and the Love of God" is an interdisciplinary course in medieval studies. It is intended as a semester-long elective for 12th-graders or undergraduates.

There are three main goals of this course. The principal is to familiarize students with major trends in literature, philosophy, and politics in Western Europe (primarily France and England) during the Middle Ages. With better knowledge of this diverse period of foundation for the West, students will gain richer understanding of social structures in subsequent ages, including our own. The second goal is to improve students' analytical skills in reading prose and verse and in writing. To this end we will concentrate, both as a group and in individual meetings, on skills of composition. Finally, the course will make use of electronic resources as tools for research and to encourage full engagement with the central texts and issues of the course. While students become comfortable exploring different media and sources of information, both in the library and via computerized channels, they also will learn to be critical evaluators of those sources and to use research skills effectively and responsibly.

The requirements are as follows:

Students should have personal copies of the following texts: Use of reference books such as those found on the Electronic Reference Shelf is expected. Owning personal, printed copies of similar texts is strongly urged, and students may be referred to them in conjunction with any part of the course, though most probably with writing assignments.
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