Epic, Romance, and the Love of God: Medieval France and England

Medieval Links

Archaeology in Europe (Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe)
countries listed alphabetically by name, with map/flag icon
Archaeology in Europe (Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe)
subjects listed alphabetically, from "Academic departments" to "Vikings"
Bodleian Library (U. of Oxford)
spectacular images of medieval manuscripts and paintings; useful thumbnail sketches on opening page and throughout
Brut Manuscript (U. of Michigan)
a famous chronicle that mixes history and legend
Byzantine and Medieval Pages, including Medieval Sourcebook (Paul Halsall, Fordham U.)
a useful starting point for many materials of art historiography, literature, and religion, all over Europe and the Mid-East
Byzantine Paleography (Paul Halsall, Fordham U.)
script and calligraphy in the Byzantine world
Byzantine Studies (Paul Halsall, Fordham U.)
great starting point for Byzantine materials
The Catholic Encyclopedia
helpful with historical and literary as well as religious topics
Chaucer Resources (Anna Jokinen)
very useful list of links for information on the author, images of Canterbury Tales manuscripts, Chaucer associations and discussion groups, and historical contexts
Celt and Saxon materials (L. Conley)
a private and somewhat flashy site which offers a variety of materials in these early medieval cutures
Discussion Groups | How to Subscribe
if you're interested in joining medieval chat groups or just seeing what they're like
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (St John's U. [Collegeville, Minn.])
fine examples of illuminated manuscripts in monastic traditions
Illuminated Manuscripts (French National Library)
a brilliant collection, mostly later Middle Ages; well-introduced with historical contexts, and arranged by topic/theme as well as by manuscript name
Labyrinth (Martin Irvine and Deborah Everhart, Georgetown U.)
along with ORB and Old English Pages, an excellent medieval site for starters, inspiration, and sources
Maps for medieval women authors (Dr. Catherine Innes-Parker, Memorial U. of Newfoundland)
divides Europe into regions and starts with useful thumbnail sketches
Medieval Art and Architecture (Alison Stones, U. of Pittsburgh)
a fantastic site that offers not only excellent photographs but also clear and useful insights; current focus mostly on England and France
Medieval and Renaissance Weddings (Kirsti S. Thomas, Seattle Pacific U.)
some useful links to information and bibliographies
Medieval Sourcebook (Paul Halsall, Fordham U.)
a massive collection of texts (selected and full) usefully arranged by subject
Medieval Women (Dr. Catherine Innes-Parker, Memorial U. of Newfoundland)
a set of resources in connection with another course: click the highlighted names under "Topic" for useful links related to those women
Medieval Women and Marriage (Dr. Catherine Innes-Parker, Memorial U. of Newfoundland)
a short but illuminating group of laws, cases, and sermons pertaining to medieval women in marital situations
Medieval Women and Witchcraft (Dr. Catherine Innes-Parker, Memorial U. of Newfoundland)
writings, laws, and cases of withcraft
Middle English Texts (U. of Virginia's E-Text Center)
arranged by author's name, with search function
Netserf (Beau A. C. Harbin, Catholic U.)
medieval links, conveniently arranged by topic
Old English Pages (Catherine Ball, Dept. of Linguistics, Georgetown U.)
excellent, mostly pre-1066; includes soundfiles, history, artwork, language, literature
Online Medieval & Classical Library
a literary database and set of links; arranged by author and title, with search function
On-Line Reference Book (ORB) for Medieval Studies (Carolyn Schriber, Rhodes College)
perhaps the most useful site for medieval texts and other works related to the Middle Ages; not just more links
Towns, Trade, and Monasteries (Dr. Deirdre O'Sullivan)
a bibliographical resource

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