Volume 2, Plate 4

Tyrant Flycatcher
Great Crested Flycatcher
Small Green Crested Flycatcher
Pe-we Flycatcher
Wood Pe-We Flycatcher

Tyrant Flycatcher or King Bird

"The trivial name king as well as tyrant has been bestowed on this bird for its extraordinary behaviour, and the authority it assumes over all others, during the time of breeding. At that season his extreme affection for his mate, and for his nest and young, makes him suspicious of every bird that happens to pass near his residence, so that he attacks, without discrimination, every intruder. In the months of May, June, and part of July, his life is one continued scene of broils and battles; in which, however, he generally comes off conqueror."

Pewit Flycatcher

"...in this cave I knew the pewit to build for several years. The place was solitary, and he was seldom disturbed. In the month of April, one fatal Saturday, a party of boys from the city, armed with guns, dealing indiscriminate destruction among the feathered tribes around them, directed their murderous course this way, and, within my hearing, destroyed both parents of this old and peaceful settlement. For two successive years, and I believe to this day, there has been no pewee seen about this place. This circumstance almost convinces me that birds, in many instances, return to the same spots to breed; and who knows but, like the savage nations of Indians, they may usurp a kind of exclusive right of tenure to particular districts, where they themselves have been reared?"