Volume 2, Plate 6

Red-cocaded woodpecker
Brownheaded nuthatch
Pigeon Hawk
Blue-winged yellow Warbler
Golden-winged Warbler
Blue-eyed Yellow Warbler
Black breasted blue Warbler

Brown-headed Nuthatch

"It is characterized as a very stupid bird,' which may easily be knocked down from the sides of the tree with one's cane. I confess I found it a very dexterous climber; and so rapid and restless in its motions as to be shot with difficulty. Almost all very small birds seems less suspicious of man than large ones; but that activity and resltess diligence should constitue stupidity, is rather a new doctrine. Upon the whole, I am of opinion, that a person who should undertake the destruction of these birds, at even a dollar ahead for all he knocked down with his cane, would run a fair chance of starving by his profession."