Volume 2, Plate 9

Cow Bunting, female, and young
Maryland Yellow Throat
Blue grey Flycatcher
White-eyed Flycatcher

Cow Bunting

"The most remarkable trait in the character of this species is the unaccountable practice it has of dropping its eggs into the nests of other birds, instead of building and hatching for itself, and thus entirely abandoning its progeny to the care and mercy of strangers. More than two thousand years ago, it was well known, in those countries where the bird inhabits, that the cuckoo of Europe never built herself a nest, but dropped her eggs in the nests of other birds; but, among the thousands of different species that spread over that and other parts of the globe, no other instance of the same uniform habit has been found to exist, until discovered in the bird now before us."

White-eyed Flycatcher

"This bird builds a very neat little nest, often in the figure of an inverted cone; it is suspended by the upper edge of the two sides, on the circular bend of a prickly vine,--a species of smilax that generally grows in the low thickets. Outwardly it is constructed of various light materials, bits of rotten wood, fibres of dry stalks of weeds, pieces of paper, commonly newspapers, an article almost always found about its nest, so that some of my friends have given it the name of Politician; all these substances are interwoven with the silk of caterpillars and the inside is lined with fine dry grass and hair."