Volume 6, Plate 8

Black Hawk
Red shouldered Hawk
Female Baltimore Oriole
Female Towhee Bunting

Black Hawk

This is a remarkably shy and wary bird, found most frequently along the marshy shores of our large rivers; feeds on mice, frogs, and moles; sails much, and sometimes at a great height; has been seen to kill a duck on wing; sits by the side of the marshes on a stake for an hour at a time, in an almost perpendicular position, as if dozing; flies with great ease, and occasionally with great swiftness, seldom flapping the wings; seems particularly fond of river shores, swamps, and marshes; is most numerous with us in winter, and but rarely seen in summer; is remarkable for the great size of its eye, length of its wings, and shortness of its toes. The breath of its head is likewise uncommon.