Volume 7, Plate 1

Ring-tail Eagle
Sea Eagle

Ring-tailed Eagle

The tail-feathers of this bird are highly valued by the various tribes of American Indians for ornamenting their calumets or pipes of peace. Several of these pipes, which were brought from the remote regions of Louisiana by Captain Lewis, are now deposited in Mr. Peale's Museum, each of which has a number of the tail-feathers of this bird attached to it. The northern as well as the southern Indians seem to follow the like practice, as appears by the numerous calumets, formerly belonging to different tribes, to be seen in the same magnificent collection.

Sea Eagle

This eagle inhabits the same countries, frequents the same situations, and lives on the same kind of food, as the bald eagle, with whom it is often seen in company. It resembles this last so much in figure, size, form of the bill, legs, and claws, and is so often seen associating with it, both along the Atlantic coast and in the vicinity of our lakes and large rivers, that I have strong suspicions, notwithstanding ancient and very respectable authorities to the contrary, of its being the same species, only in a different stage of colour.