Volume 8, Plate 3

Wood Ibis
Scarlet Ibis
White Ibis

White Ibis

My venerable friend [Mr. Bartram], in his observations on these birds, adds, "It is a pleasing sight, at times of high winds and heavy thunderstorms, to observe the numerous squadrons of these Spanish curlews driving to and fro, turning and tacking about high up in the air, when, by their various evolutions in the different and opposite currents of the wind, high in the clouds, their silvery white plumage gleams and sparkles like the brightest crystal, reflecting the sunbeams that dart upon them between the dark clouds."

Red Flamingo

This remarkable bird has the neck and legs in a greater disproportion than any other bird; the length from the end of the bill to that of the tail is four feet two or three inches; but to the end of the claws, measures sometimes more than six feet.