Volume 8, Plate 6

Hooded or Crested Merganser
Red breasted Merganser
Blue bill or Scaup Duck
American Widgeon
Female Snow Goose
Pied Duck

Red-breasted Merganser

They swim low in the water, and, when wounded in the wing, very dexterously contrive to elude the sportsman or his dog by diving and coming up at a great distance, raising the bill only above water, and dipping down again with the greatest silence.

American Widgeon

The widgeon is the constant attendant of the celebrated canvas-back duck, so abundant in various parts of the Chesapeake Bay, by the aid of whose labour he has ingenuity enough to contrive to make a good subsistence. The widgeon is extremely fond of the tender roots of that particular species of aquatic plant on which the canvas-back feeds, and for which that duck is in the constant habit of diving. The widgeon, who never dives, watches the moment of the canvas- back's rising, and, before he has his eyes well opened, snatches the delicious morsel from his mouth and makes off. On this account, the canvas-backs and the widgeons, or, as they are called round the bay, bald-pates, live in a state of perpetual contention..