Volume 8, Plate 7

Long-tail Duck
Female Summer Duck
Green-winged Teal
Canvas-back Duck
Red-headed Duck

Summer Duck

The summer duck seldom flies in flocks of more than three or four individuals together, and most commonly in pairs or singly. The common note of the drake is peet, peet; but when, standing sentinel, he sees danger, he makes a noise not unlike the crowing of a young cock, oe eek! Oe eek!

Canvas-back Duck

They sometimes assemble in such multitudes as to cover several acres of the river, and when they rise suddenly, produce a noise resembling thunder. They float about these shoals, diving and tearing up the grass by the roots, which is the only part they eat. They are extremely shy, and can rarely be approached, unless by strategem. When wounded in the wing, they dive to such prodigious distances, and with such rapidity, continuing it so perseveringly, and with such cunning and active vigour, as almost always to render the pursuit hopeless.