Volume 8, Plate 8

Gadwal Duck
Eider Duck and female
Ruddy Duck and female

Eider Duck

The eider duck has been long celebrated in Europe for the abundance and excellence of its down, which, for softness, warmth, lightness, and elasticity, surpasses that of all other ducks. The quantity found in one next more than filled the crown of a hat, yet weighted no more than three-quarters of an ounce; and it is asserted that three pounds of this down may be compressed into a space scarce bigger than a man's fist, yet is afterwards so dilatable as to fill a quilt five feet square.

Ruddy Duck

This very rare duck was shot some years ago on the river Delaware, and appears to be an entirely new species. The specimen here figured, with the female that accompanies it, and which was killed in the same river, are the only individuals of their kind I have met with. They are both preserved in the superb museum of my much respected friend, Mr. Peale, of this city.