Kerouac's San Francisco

View a 1940 San Francisco roadmap

"There was the Pacific, a few more foothills away, blue and vast and with a great wall of white advancing from the legendary potato patch where Frisco fogs are born.  Another hour it would come streaming through the Golden Gate to shroud the romantic city in white, and a young man would hold his girl by the hand and climb slowly up a long white sidewalk with a bottle of Tokay in his pocket.  That was Frisco; and beautiful women standing in white doorways, waiting for their men; and Coit Tower, and the Embarcadero, and Market Street, and the eleven teeming hills (78)."

Powell Street and Market Street

California Nighlife

 Vesuvio Cafe postcard (1948) and City Lights Books (1953)

Jack Kerouac St., between City Lights Books and the Vesuvio Cafe


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