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The Attic: Visions of Women in 1920s Magazine Advertising
John Held, Jr.


Illustrations and the life of John Held, Jr.: Few artists define an age as thoroughly as John Held Jr. defines the "Roaring Twenties." Born in 1889, he was the right age at the right time with an outlook and sense of humor that shaped as well as recorded a generation.

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John Held, Jr: Illustrator of the Jazz Age
by Shelley Armitage
(paperback, $37.50)

This illustrated biographical study examines not only the life and work of John Held, Jr. - but the Jazz Age itself, whose very look was set in part by Held's illustrations. Illustrated throughout with many black-and-white examples of Held's cartoons. "At long last, here is a probing account of John Held, Jr., who was partly responsible for the way we looked and behaved during the turbulent 1920's and '30's . . . . "Al Hirschfield.

Cartoons of the Roaring Twenties: Volume 2
by R. C. Harvey
(paperback, $8.95)

At times delightful, humorous and racey - the cartoons in this collection capture the flavor of American life in the 1920's. Surveying the state of magazine cartooning in the mid 20's, this volume includes work by John Held Jr. and his many contemporaries and imitators.

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