The Attic: Visions of Women in 1920s Magazine Advertising
Advertisements in McClure's Magazine

Inside Back Cover, January 1923 McClure's Magazine, Vol. 54, No.11.

Script (to the left):
NEW Kissproof
the waterproof a startling jade green case

New! Different! Equisitely modern! Daintily thin! Never before has a Compact Rouge been offered in such a strikingly original case! Luxurious gold and brilliant jade green! An Exclusive Compact Rouge for Particular Women--yet costs but 50c! And its genuine Kissproof!

it stays on!

Kissproof -- the modern rouge -- stays on no matter WHAT one does! A single application lasts all day! The youthful NATURAL Kissproof color will make your cheeks temptingly kissable--blushingly red -- pulsating with the very spirit of reckless, irrepressible youth! Your first application of Kissproof will delight you!

Your dealer, if up to date, has this striking new rouge. Get it today! Look for the rich gold and jade green case--and be sure it's stamped Kissproof! If your dealer cannot supply you, send direct or
Send for Kissproof Beauty Box
It contains a week's supply of this new, natural Kissproof Compact Rouge, a dainty miniature Kissproof Lipstick, a whole month's supply of Delica_Beow, the original liquid dressing for the lashes and brows, and a week's supply of Kissproof, the Extra Hour Face Powder. Send teh coupone now--you'll be glad Kissproof is what it IS after you start using it!

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