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History of McClure's, a muckraking magazine
S.S. McClure and his magazine
Article on Women and Magazines from
Ida Tarbell and the McClure's Connection


Book of 1920s and 1930s advertising cuts

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In the Time Period:

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Abstract: The advent of the safety bicycle (as opposed to the high wheeler) in the 1890's brought a new freedom of mobility for women as well as a new era in commercial advertising and mass market magazine publishing. While medical debates raged over the safety and benefits of cycling for women, women's magazines sought advertising from bicycle manufacturers. These magazines also created special issues containing stories and articles about women cyclists. These developments highlight a transition in magazine publishing from merely reflecting society to assisting in the creation of social ideals. Magazines no longer counted primarily on subscriptions for revenue, but began relying increasingly on advertisers.
Documentation: Based on women's magazines and novels; 6 illus., 79 notes.
Abstracter: J. L. Presnell

Articles from the Time Period

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