The feeling among fourth yearmen whom I know is dichotomous concerning the changes of the University; we are torn between the past and the future.
We know that the changes are inevitable and for the good, but something within us yearns for the "Old U." We are the last of a dying breed: the coat and tie, bourbon swigging, fratty club "Virginia Gentlemen." Yet, we wish we could stay long enough to take part in the changes of the future.

Virginia should have gone co-ed thirty years ago. Likewise, everyone wants a winning football team. But a few years back, you knew the players socially. Soon you'll only know their names with a scorecard.

I guess we were more comfortable at the "Old U." and now are nostalgic about it. But we know that this place has a long way to go with more changes, to reach its full potential. Perhaps, it's attitudes of those like myself that are holding the University back.

-Dewitt Casler
class of 1971