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WTJU has been the subject of many histories and articles since its christening in 1957. Here are several essays written at various points in the life of WTJU, written by UVA alums and other volunteers.
  • 1977 "For the Last Twenty Years: WTJU-FM" 

  • By Karen Sacks, UVA '77
    This is the first of several essays about the founding and first twenty years of WTJU. In her introduction, Sacks writes she was able to locate and contact many WTJU alums for a twentieth anniversary party; unfortunately none of the letters she mentions could be found for this website. Sacks' interesting narrative discusses WTJU's eventual move away from strictly classical music programming, the outstanding leadership of several student Boards, and the inclusion of women at the station. 
  • 1990 "WTJU: Alternative Radio in Charlottesville" 

  • By Julie Innes 
    Innes wrote this essay as a senior at a Charlottesville high school -- she later attended UVA and decided to join WTJU. Innes' descriptions of WTJU in the late 1980's/early 1990's includes several interviews and portions of the station's Operations Manual.
  • 1997 "Station of the Month" 

  • By Patrick O'Rourke, Chuck Taylor, Community Radio News, June1997 
    This article gives an idea of the more technical issues modern radio stations face. Taylor and O'Rourke describe how the ever-popular Exam Marathon turned into a fundraiser, and also include the improvements the station has seen during the late 1990's.
  • 1997 "Imagine a Car Radio With Only One Button" 

  • By Patrick O'Rourke, UVA Alumni News, Summer 1997 
    This article was published around the time of WTJU's 40th anniversary celebration, so many station alums were located and interviewed.

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