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Images from the Past of WTJU                                                         Unless otherwise noted, all photos are from the University of Virginia yearbook, Corks and Curls. The first group of student volunteers at WTJU, 1958

WTJU's first staff, spring 1958 

1st Year Matthew Lucas covers a 24 hour on-air shift, 1959

As the city's only FM radio station until 1961, WTJU is highly covered in Charlottesville's Daily Progress. This and the next photo come from the station's first Exam Marathon, 1959.

First exam marathon kick-off, 1959 WTJU gains a stronger transmitter, 1961

Charlottesville Daily Progress, 1961

WTJU Announcers and Board members, 1961

WTJU staff 1961

Board members, 1966

1966's WTJU officers, in their new studio in Humphrey's Dormitory

A WTJU announcer, 1966

WTJU announcer, 1966

Deejay, 1972

WTJU announcer, 1972

Female announcers prosper at WTJU, 1977

WTJU announcer, 1977

By the late seventies, WTJU enjoys an equal ratio of female and male announcers.

1977's new equipment

WTJU purchases lots of new equipment in the late '70's thanks to successful fundraising during its 20th anniversary in 1977. 

Activities fair 1981

WTJU staff recruits new announcers during fall activities fair, 1980

WTJU staff photo 1981

WTJU staff, 1981 

WTJU's new studio in Peabody Hall, 1988

In 1983, WTJU moved its studios to Peabody Hall. By the time this picture was taken in 1988, the statation's announcers were quite accustomed to the significantly larger space!

1992, WTJU announcer

WTJU announcer, 1992

Last Corks and Curls staff photo, 1992

WTJU staff, 1992 

This is one of the last picture the UVA yearbook,Corks and Curls, includes for WTJU. In 1993, the Dean of Students Office hires Chuck Taylor to be the station's full-time manager; without a student-run board, student volunteerism at WTJU drops until 1996.


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