The Saturday Evening Post 1931

Stressing normalacy through its cover and internal articles, The Saturday Evening Post encouraged a targeted middle class audience through the promotion of fundamental American values during the depths of the Depression. While typical Saturday Evening Post covers depict stereotypical American Caucasian middle class life, the illustrated covers below embody a fascination wih The Exotic. This Exoticism--exemplified by the "Oriental" or Asian landscape, the merchant ship, the colorfully garbed woman, the boyscout's pajama buttons, and the non-native leopard--suggests not only an interest in the foreign, but also an urgent escapism. The nautical details and even the boyscout at summer camp imply that the reader can sail away, or escape, from the struggles of daily life during the Depression. The Saturday Evening Post gives contemporary historians some insight into the need for some escape, some normalacy while surviving a nation-wide economic disaster.

May 16, 1931

May 30, 1931

August 8, 1931

August 15, 1931

August 29, 1931