I intend for this website to provide various artifacts from a particularly engaging era in American cultural history: the Great Depression. As such, I hope to portray this time period in artistic, rather than economic, terms-- and this vocabulary displays a rich panoply of American creativity.

To the left you will find a series of headings which I have used to divide my narrative of this decade. If you prefer, you may access a number of exhibits and piece together your own chronology of important events and impressions, whether using the objects I've provided in small collection of WPA artwork, the biographies of important players, or in a gallery of images from Negro Theatre productions (consisting mostly of photographs from a 1936 Orson Welles production in Harlem, the script of which is also available). Get involved in the Federal Theatre process by sifting through the types of paperwork which accompanied the merging of government and theatre. For more information concerning the FTP and its aims, you might look at the digitized copy of the Manual of the Federal Theatre Project, as well testimony offered by Hallie Flanagan before Congress.

Resources for further study of this period are also available, as is a short article which continues to chart the developments in race theatre as reflected by the revolutionary drama of Amiri Imamu Baraka.