December 26, 1942

This cover, appearing one day after Christmas 1942, pictures the celebration of that holiday (even in a somewhat weakened form) by American serviceman at sea during the war. These navy personal, likely on a late night shift in the freezing North Atlantic protecting the shipping lanes from German U-boats, are still cognizan of the fact that life does not stop simply because there is a war on. Indeed, amid rough seas and rain, the one officer brings the other (possibly his captain) a pot of coffee along with two small wrapped packages. The fact that the soldier found time to wrap the gifts (as well as the fact that he was able to find wrappin paper and ribbon despite the wartime rationing of every conceivably resource) shows the depth of importance of Christmas both to those Americans abroad and to American society as a whole. Indeed, the celebration of Christmas was especially important for soldiers abroad, as it reminded them of the values and the nation that they were fighting for. Even while under the constant threat of combat, the soldiers pictured find the time to celebrate their beloved tradition. This cover speaks to the humanity of the soldiers abroad, remindin readers that they are Americans before everything else, with the same values and beliefs of those at home. At the same time, the difficulties which these servicemen face are alluded to by the conditions and their clothing, thus reminding readers of the sacrifices which they are making in order to protect these shared values.

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