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Early History Settlement Construction Era Aftermath Appendices

An Introduction

Grand Coulee Dam

The Grand Coulee Dam today stands as a symbol of American innovation, engineering prowess, international political power, and democratic success. One of the largest hydroelectric dams in the world, and the greatest of its size at the time of its construction, the Grand Coulee Dam has aided the United States in supplying irrigation water and cheap electric power to the American people. Its grandiose size and symbolic achievement have recently been truncated by new histories of the Pacific Northwest. A surge of anthropological and environmental research has created a new memory of the land submerged in the great dam's reservoir. Nevertheless, the site of the Grand Coulee Dam is the product of a string of political and social intersections, and is one of many concrete links on the new mechanized Columbia River. The landscape surrounding the dam serves as a continual manifestation of the structural social paradigms of the time. A nexus of biological routes, physiological routing, ecological displacement and replacement, racial bias, religious yokes, colliding law and mythology, commercial and maritime exchange, governmental and political hegemony, national construction, and Old World paradigms laid on New World environment, the ecosystem surrounding the Grand Coulee Dam is a social evolution embodying the history of an American west.

Early History Settlement Construction Era Aftermath Appendix

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