"Night and Day" by Fred Astaire (1932)

Cole Porter's smooth maturity, careful orchestration, excellent lyrics and brilliant invocation of mood made him a master of the popular song. The same "omm-pah" percussion heard here and in Porter's "Begin The Beguine" often accompanied his catching melodies. From the hit Broadway show and later the hit film, "The Gay Divorcee," Fred Astaire's recording of "Night And Day" is masterful and infectious. Beginning in a minor key, the song lilts through the illicit night of "hungry yearning burning inside of me," to a sunnier major key for the singer's risqué declaration, "Let me spend my life making love to you night and day" before reverting to the minor for a tormented conclusion. Porter was expert at writing for Astaire, whose ability to bring in audiences to movies again and again was an asset to all aspects of the business including the songwriters who wrote with him in mind (Zinsser). This recording of "Night and Day" by Astaire and the Leo Reisman Orchestra was the #1 hit of 1932.