The Office Boy | released 16 July 1932

Flip gets a bit brassier in this film, boldly making his way to the front of the unemployment line. He is quickly put in his place by frustrated unemployed men, women, and children who also seek the single open position of office boy at the appropriately titled office “Screwy.” Flip’s emotions and sexuality are more explicit in his interactions with the slender shapely secretary. Flip’s morality is again called into question as he changes the clock to end the workday 3 hours early. Is his suffering justification for this behavior? The boss serves as the angry authority figure, who is predictably mocked by Flip, and gets blamed for Flip’s shenanigans. The audience can laugh at how Flip’s courageous spirit once again has overcome his struggles and defied authority. In this case Flip’s ending is triumphant, though he leaves unemployed, and as the boss’s punching bag, the final punch lands Flip in the elevator with the shapely secretary.