Room Runners | released 13 August 1932

In the “Grand Slam Hotel” Flip’s antics are centered around his attempts to escape authority figures and money collectors. The hotel manager and the policeman both serve as authority figures to be mocked and eluded. The police officer is easily fooled and confused, making it easier for Flip to accomplish his mischievous escapades and physical gags. Flip and the officer pause their chase to play peeping tom through the keyhole of bathroom door where they find an attractive woman toweling off. In this moment, they forget their roles of chaser and chasee, trumped by their common desire to get another look at a woman who loosely resembles Betty Boop. Flip mocks the officer’s pursuit and ultimately triumphs when he lucks out at the slot machine in time to pay his bills, ruin the hotel, outrun and drain the officer and hotel manager, and help his friend in need. His persistence and his humor remind the audience of the ultimate triumph of spirit and over circumstance. Good deeds and persistence are rewarded here.