The Bully | released 18 June 1932

A more explicit story of how to right a wrong and how to promote justice is lived out in the boxing ring between moral Flip and the immoral Bully. The odds are stacked against Flip, a small, wide-eyed youth who seeks to defend the honor of his sidekick against a stronger, meaner bully. Dialogue is an integral part of this cartoon but physical antics have not been forgotten in Flip’s evolution or in the use of minor characters. The referee reminds the fighters of the importance of fighting fair in the ring. But the audience is left to question the consistency of Flip’s morality when he pulls out a baseball bat in the referee’s absence. Is permissible to break the rules so that justice might prevail? When Flip gets the spirit knocked out of him his resolve does not fade. In the end the audience leaves with a feeling of release and affirmation, good triumphs over evil.