The Fashion Plates of the City

Carrie loves to turn heads--in fact, it's her job. Whether flaunting fluffy feather boas or bringing vintage back into vogue, she knows that fashion must always be fabulous and fun. Some of her trademarks include sky-high heels, bright-and-tight dresses, and skirts that give "mini" new meaning. In the third season, Carrie clearly had a floral fixation. She flaunted bright blooms on everything she wore and everywhere she went, easily redefining "flower power." With a closetful of glamorous looks, the uptown girl sticks to a few favorite accessories, including a bold, gold name necklace and a colorful collection of designer handbags. Carrie knows it's fine to follow the trends, but it's much more fun to set them.  

Samantha can make anything look sexy. From the slim, sleek power suits she wears for work to the plunging and provocative numbers she flaunts at night, her wardrobe is made to make men drool. Nighttime calls for glamorous gowns, animal skins from leopard to leather, and traffic-stopping stunners in scene-stealing colors. And, as everyone knows, a girl doesn't dazzle unless she's dripping in diamonds. Her casual side comes out at brunch with the girls, when she shows up in designer jeans, tight-yet-tasteful tops and gold hoop earrings. But even at her most laid-back, Samantha's sex-kitten style can turn any man to mush.  

Charlotte's style can be described as pretty, polished and perfect for every occasion. She's always fashionably feminine. She favors designer labels with a ladylike look. By day, she chooses cashmere twinsets with knee-length pencil skirts and pearls or a sweet yet stylish suit. When the sun goes down, she dazzles in an elegant ball gown at a society soirée or shines in a retro satin dress for a night out with the girls. Charlotte knows the power of the perfect pair of shoes, and her obsession guarantees that she'll always look great from head to toe.  

Miranda's too busy with legal suits to worry about pantsuits, but she does have a knack for power dressing. She wears conservative, tailored suits in neutral colors for work, but her fire-red hair reveals a spunky, funky edge. On the weekends, comfort is key when she runs around in sweats or casual T-shirts and jeans. After hours, she goes for bold colors in a spectrum of shades from reds and oranges to electric blues and purples. Miranda expresses her hidden bohemian side with exotic jewelry and bright, beaded accessories that are so hot and so Soho.  

Carrie Bradshaw
Samantha Jones

Charlotte McDougal

Miranda Hobbs