The Novels and Works of WEB DuBois

WEB Dubois was a formidable writer, sociologist, economist, philosopher, historian and orator of his time. Using the knowledge that he had gained from other greats and his travels abroad. He was determined to aid racial prejudice in the United States and to show to America and the World the plight of the black people.

The Soul of Black Folk, though his most well known work, still read in American Literature classes and sociology classes, is not his only work. Below are more of his novels and works.

The Philadelphia Negro in 1896

Souls of Black Folk in 1903

John Brown in 1909

Black Reconstruction in 1935

Black Folk, Then and Now in 1939.

The Negro, 1915

The World and Africa: An Inquiry Into the Part that Africa has Played in World History, 1946.