28th Virginia Infantry

This is the flag of the 28th VA INF regiment. State flags were often used in the early days because the Confederacy had not supplied all units with Confederate Battle Flags. The history of the Virginia state flag is the Bonnie Blue flag with the star replaced by the seal of the Commonwealth. The seal, which had been adopted during the Revolution represents the goddess Liberty striking down an allegorical tyrant, his crown dashed to the earth. Both seal and flag display the Latin motto "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" which translates as "Ever Thus to Tyrants." The symbol which had been adopted as Virginia's response to monarchical and parliamentary tyranny in the 1770's would serve as her reply to aggression in the 1860's. In slightly modified form, the flag of 1861 still serves the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The 28th Infantry Regiment completed its organization in Lynchburg, VA in June, 1861, Its members were raised in Botetourt, Craig, Bedford, Campbell, and Roanoke counties. After fighting at First Manassas, the unit was assigned to Gen. Pickett's, Garnett's, and Hunton's Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia. The regiment was active in the campaigns of the army from Williamsburg to Gettysburg except when it served with Longstreet at Suffolk. The 28th moved to North Carolina, then was on detached duty at Richmond. It fought at Cold Harbor, the Petersburg trenches, and was engaged in various conflicts around Appomattox. The regiment consisted of around 600 men in April, 1862 and reported 40 casualties at Williamsburg and 47 at Seven Pines. 12 were killed at Manassas and 52 were injured, 8 were killed and 54 wounded during the Maryland Campaign, and, of the 333 engaged at Gettysburg, half were disabled. Many were captured at Sayler's Creek, and 3 officers and 51 men surrendered on April (, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Robert C. Allen, Robert T. Preston, and William Watts; Lieutenant Colonels Samuel B. Paul and William L. Wingfield; and Majors Michael P. Spessard and Nathaniel C. Wilson.

42nd Virginia Infantry