Carolina Light Infantry, Company I, 1st South Carolina Infantry

This regiment was formed in August 1861 in Richmond, Virginia from men from the 1st Volunteers. They served with the Army of Northern Virginia from August 1861-April 1865. Several brigades were assigned to them including Gregg's and McGowan's. The unit fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor. It was then involved in the difficult Petersburg siege north and south of the James River and the Appomattox Campaign. They initially wore gray single-breasted frock coats, trousers, and forage cap all trimmed in blue, but by 1862 most men had gray jackets with blue trim. The regiment suffered 53.3 percent losses at Second Manassas. The regiment was commanded by Colonels Maxey Gregg (August-December 1861), Daniel H. Hamilton (December 1861-August 1863), and C. W. McCreary (August 1863-April 1865).

5th Virginia Cavalry