Remus - Reviews


We decided to include four reviews of Uncle Remus collections, each from a different era: 1881, 1892, 1919 and 1955. The passage of time and changing social mores show through clearly in these pieces; while the earlier pieces can be generally characterized by racism and ignorance of anthropology (an infant discipline until the 1920s), the latter one has a much better handle on the tales' value as anthropological history.

The first four reviews come from The Dial and The Journal of American Folklore; for variety, we also included a fifth piece - an 1892 Remus review from Punch, the now-defunct British satire/intellectual journal. The short piece is interesting in that it is completely removed from the American context; the author does not mention race relations or anthropology. Instead, he compares the tales to similar British and European collections from several centuries earlier.

  • Dial review of Songs and Sayings (1881)

  • Dial review of On the Plantation (1892)

  • Dial review of Uncle Remus Returns (1919)

  • Journal of American Folklore review of The Complete Tales (1955)

  • Punch review of On the Plantation (1892)


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