Notes on Project Navigation

This project, which began as an attempt to scan Uncle Remus stories and provide context for them, quickly expanded and developed various offshoots as new information about Joel Chandler Harris, the author, came to our attention. Accordingly, the Table of Contents offers several options: users may look at the stories and analyses, but they also may view non-folklore tales by Uncle Remus, reviews of the Remus books, illustrations from several volumes, editor's prefaces, a Harris biography, etc.

The two sets of Remus tales offer the scanned stories themselves and accompanying editor's commentaries. Visitors can link to the commentaries directly from the story contents page or from a link at the end of each scanned story. Feel free to read all the stories right in a row, or read each story and then our comment, or skip directly to the comments - whatever suits your taste. The other sections (biography, prefaces, and so forth) have one all-encompassing editor's commentary on the main page instead of a linked commentary for each item.

Each sub-page, be it a story, preface, or whatever, will have a series of links at the very bottom: back to the main page, back to the table of contents, and back to the preceding item. Sub-pages in the two scanned story sections will have a fourth link: back to the preceding commentary. Additionally, further links will be added in specific areas where the material being discussed is logically related to material in another section of the project. Our advice to visitors: if you use one of those links, the easiest way to return to where you were is by using the "back" key provided by your Web browser; devising a navigation system more complex than the one we offer is, unfortunately, a bit beyond our current HTML talents.


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