Stone Mountain is situated sixteen miles east of Atlanta in DeKalb County, Georgia. As its name implies, it is literally a mountain of stone, 5,000 feet long, seven miles around the base, and a mile to the summit up the sloping side. It is the largest solid body of granite in the world, containing approximately 7,543,750,950 cubic feet of stone above the surface. Its foundations underlie almost half the State of Georgia. At varying depths the sub-strata of Stone Mountain granite have been encountered in borings as far north as the Blue Ridge Mountains, 75 miles distant, and as far south as the coastal plain, 250 mile distant.

Time has not produced the slightest decay in this "great granite monster" during all the ages since "the laboring earth disgorged it bare to sun and storm." A thousand centuries of erosion have touched it as lightly as the clouds touch the sky. Since the dawn of Creation it has stood as it stands when we look upon it, unchanged, unchanging, imperishable.

On its northern side Stone Mountain drops in a sheer, perpendicular precipice almost a thousand feet from summit to base.

Across this mammoth page of granite Gutzon Borglum, the noted sculptor, is engraving a perpetual and indestructible monument to the men and women who fought, suffered, sacrificed and died for the Southern Confederacy.

His plan provides three main features:

1. The Panorama.
2. The Memorial Hall.
3. The Amphitheater.

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