Panorama Will Sweep Across The Mountain

Beginning on the right of the precipice near the summit and sweeping downward and across it a distance of 1,350 feet will be carved in full relief a Panorama representing the Confederate armies mobilizing around their leaders. At the top will be artillery, appearing at the summit as if coming from beyond, and dropping down over and to the left across the precipice in life-like procession of men, guns and horses. On the left of these will be Confederate cavalry in full forward motion. In the center where the precipice bulges forward will be carved a colossal group representing the principal chieftains of the Confederacy, including Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and four other leaders of the high command, to be selected by a commission composed of the state historians of the thirteen states composing the Confederacy. Swinging away to the left of the central group will be column upon column of Confederate gray- clad infantry carved in the gray and everlasting granite.

Without the Panorama of which it will be a part, the central group alone would surpass all other monuments of history. General Lee's figure will be nearly 200 feet high from the crown of his hat to the hoofs of his horse. This is higher than a seventeen story office building. The head of General Lee will cover an area 30 feet square. Other Confederate chieftains in the central group will be carved in like proportion. No sculptured figures of ancient or modern times can be compared to these in magnitude or grandeur. There never has been in any country anything to approach them. The central group will cover an area of one and one-half acres, or 60,000 square feet of granite on the perpendicular face of a granite mountain; the tops of the figures 300 feet below the summit of the mountain, the hoofs of the horses 300 feet above the plain.

Seven figures in the central group, representing the Confederate high command, will be individualized portraits in stone. That is to say, the figure of General Lee in the central group will be a likeness of Lee, and the same with reference to the other six-i.e., Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and four to be named by a commission composed of the state historians of the thirteen Confederate States.

In addition to these seven, there will be sixty-five more individual likenesses. These will portray sixty-five Confederate generals, selected by the thirteen Confederate States, each state naming its five most distinguished Confederate generals. The Governor of each appointed a committee to make these selections, and some have been made and others are in the process of being made.

Mr. Borglum's plan is to distribute these sixty-five generals in the Panorama wherever they naturally belong, according to whether they were artillery, cavalry or infantry commanders.

The depth of the figures will vary according to their size. In General Lee's figure the depth will be about twenty feet at the deepest place (the horse's chest), and will range from that down to about four feet of depth in General Lee's hat. The depth of the smallest figure in the Panorama will not be less that four feet.

In the whole Panorama, from one end to the other, will be carved approximately 700 figures.

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