Memorial Hall To Be Quarried Out of Mountain

Memorial Hall will be quarried out of the mountain immediately underneath the central group. Thirteen incisions will be made for removing the granite, and when the hall is finished these openings will form the windows and central entrance, thirteen in number, each one dedicated to aConfederate State. The length of Memorial Hall will be 320 feet, running parallel with the face of the precipice. It will go back into the mountain 60 feet deep and will be 40 feet high fromfloor to ceiling. Floor, walls and ceiling will be formed by the body of the mountain. No building material will be introduced into the hall except immense bronze doors in the entrance in the center and bronze frames and stained glass in the windows. Along the front of Memorial Hall will sweep a broad granite esplanade formed by cutting a shelf in the mountain the length of the hall. A majestic granite stairway will ascend to the entrance from the plain.

In Memorial Hall will be gathered for perpetual safe keeping the records and relics of the Confederacy. In it will be preserved the names of all contributors to the fund for the Memorial, as well as copies of all Confederate rosters in existence, the roster of each state in a separate receptacle. On the walls of Memorial Hall will be placed bronze tablets bearing the names and deeds of Confederate soldiers, or others who served the Confederacy, in whose memory their descendants gave Founders Roll contributions of $1,000 to the fund. Like a shining band of gold these Founders Roll tablets will encircle the walls of this sacred shrine of southern memories. Over the windows and entrance will be erected very large bronze tablets bearing the names of the Governors and State House Officers of the thirteen Confederate States from 1861 to 1865, together with a summary of the military forces contributed by each state to the Confederacy.

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