Granite Amphitheater Will Rival Coliseum

At the base of the mountain, on the right of Memorial Hall, where a recess in the precipice forms a natural sounding board of immense power, will be built the Amphitheater, a huge granite structure rivaling the Coliseum of ancient Rome. Granite removed from Memorial Hall will supply the material. At the back of the stage, in a blocked out incision in the recess, will be built the world's greatest pipe organ.

Such in brief outline is Gutzon Borglum's plan which has thrilled the imagination of the civilized world. In every country having any art or education it has been received with boundless enthusiasm. President Harding a short time before his death wrote a stirring letter describing the Memorial as "the eighth wonder of the world." History affords nothing comparable to it, either as a monument or a work of art.

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