To Finish Lee's Head by Lee's Next Birthday

Around the painted outlines the granite is being removed so as to leave the figures standing forth in projection from the precipice. Since June 18, when this work was started, progress has been rapid. The granite removal is a straight quarrying job, but one of unexampled difficulties, in that the quarrymen must take their stone out of a perpendicular precipice hundreds of feet above the plain and an equal distance below the summit, and can not use explosives for fear of blowing off a part or all of some figures.

So rapidly, however, has the granite removal progressed around the figure of General Lee that Mr. Borglum expects to finish Lee's head by Lee's next birthday, January 19. Meanwhile, gigantic hoisting machinery especially designed for placing a large force of men on the precipice is under construction in the works of the Brown Hoisting Machinery Company, Cleveland, Ohio, and will be donated to the Memorial, at a cost of $250,000. This machinery will make possible the completion of the entire Panorama within six to eight years, when without such machinery it would take five times as long.

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