Entire South Pledged to Support the Work

On April 20, 1923, the Association launched the Memorial fund with a conference of southern governors attended by the governors of all the Confederate States or their delegated representatives. At that conference the support of the entire South was enthusiastically and unequivocally pledged to the Association. Announcement of the fact that the Association was now ready to begin raising funds and start work on the mountain immediately brought substantial contributions, and since the conference of governors there has been steady progress.

At the suggestion of many contributors, the Association established a Founders Roll, to be composed of individuals, family groups and organizations who subscribe $1,000 or more to the fund. Each contributor of $1,000 has the privilege of designating a member of his, her or their family who served the Confederacy, for perpetuation of on a bronze tablet to be placed on the walls of Memorial Hall, each tablet to be separately cast and to show the name and a record of the deeds of the one in whose memory it was dedicated, as well as the name or names of the donor. In the case of an organization, such as a U.D.C. chapter, a Ladies' Memorial Association, or a military company, they have the right to dedicate their tablet to an individual, or a company, regiment or battalion of the Confederacy. A large number of Founders Roll subscriptions have been received, as well as contributions of less than $1,000. A contribution of any amount, of course, is acceptable.

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