A significant difference between Stone Mountain Park and Colonial Williamsburg is that the story at the Park can be told in surroundings of tremendous natural beauty and grandeur. An important part of the development concept is the full utilization of these natural surroundings through a continuation of current programs of landscaping and beautification.

Here again, the Park need not limit itself, as must Colonial Williamsburg, to only those plants which were in existence at a given place and time While it may be appropriate to do this in the re-created areas, other sections of the Park should make use of whatever plants and design techniques seem most appropriate .

The objective always should be to complement and reinforce the natural grandeur of the Mountain. In general, this suggests maximum use of indigenous materials and natural growing patterns, although more formal treatment probably is appropriate in some of the more developed areas of the Park.

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of natural beauty of the Park. In the survey recently conducted, the Mountain and the scenic beauty of the Park were very high on the list of things most enjoyed by visitors to the Park.

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