Promotional Activities

It seems almost superfluous at this point to emphasize that all promotional activities of the Park should be related to the development concept.

The adoption of the concept would provide the guidance necessary in the selection of advertising programs and of special events.

Special events should be scheduled to smooth out the seasonal variations in attendance. Some events which might be used are costumed dinners on significant holidays, nature walks and programs when the Park foliage is particularly attractive, special educational programs conducted in cooperation with school history classes, and candlelight and lantern tours of the Plantation and other re-created areas.

The special events program of Colonial Williamsburg is an excellent ore and many of their events could be adapted for use at Stone Mountain Park.

Not to be overlooked is the significant support from private sources which is available. Each year Colonial Williamsburg receives contributions from a number of individuals and organizations because of the excellence of its objectives and its programs. Stone Mountain Park too should be able to enlist this same kind of private support.

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