It is the recommendation of this report that the objective of Stone Mountain Park should be to commemorate the contributions of the South to our American life and character.

These contributions should be viewed in the broadest possible terms, embracing patterns of work and of play, music and art, handicraft, literature, and key ideals and beliefs in the areas of politics and religion.

The basic assumption would be similar to that followed by Colonial Williamsburg: that an understanding and appreciation of the lives, surroundings, and patterns of thought of those who made significant contributions to our American culture not only is valuable in and of itself, but also tends to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of our present day civilization. We tend to be better citizens today because of what we learn about the past.

However, there is a significant difference between Stone Mountain Park and Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg is in essence a restoration, It is an attempt to rebuild, to the highest standards of historical and architectural integrity, the capital of Colonial Virginia, as it existed prior to the revolution.

Stone Mountain Park would be a re-creation and an exhibition rather than a restoration. It would attempt to re-create and to exhibit certain aspects of Southern life as they existed in the past. It also should employ the highest standards of historical integrity, but it would not be limited as is Williamsburg to restoring only that which originally existed, exactly where it originally stood.

An example is the Plantation. Although the buildings are authentic, a plantation never existed anywhere exactly like the one at the Park. Yet this does not detract from the story which it tells or the impact which it has on the visitor.

There are many ways in which this development concept could be carried out at the Park.

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