Exhibition Buildings

Exhibition buildings similar to those at Jamestown Festival Park could be employed. The first building would tell, by means of a series of exhibits through which the visitor walks, the story of the development of Southern culture prior to the Civil War. It would begin with the original colonies, with models of early communities and displays of early artifacts and objects of daily living.

The objective would not be to create a museum, but to tell a story through the use of carefully selected displays arranged for maximum impact. Included in this story would be the role which prominent Southern leaders such as Jefferson, Washington, and others played in the Colonial and Revolutionary periods.

Following the Revolution would be sections devoted to various aspects of life in the South during the first half of the nineteenth century again with reference to the contributions of outstanding Southern leaders.

The Civil War period already is excellently presented by the museum in Memorial Hall and the in Confederate Hall.

The story following the war could be told in another exhibition building.

Here should be covered the periods of reconstruction, rebuilding, and expansion which followed the war and which laid the basis for the South of today.

The record should terminate around the turn of the century, perhaps with the Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition of 1895, itself a tremendous achievement for a city which had just risen from the destruction of war.

These exhibition buildings would develop the theme of the Park in its entirety, but much of the impact and educational value of the Park would be transmitted through special exhibits or re-creations which emphasize certain aspects of Southern life and culture.

Examples of the way in which this could be done follow.

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