Life and Work

The Plantation as it now exists is an excellent presentation of living conditions at several levels in the period before the war.

The Grist Mill and Sorghum Mill, when completed, will provide insights into some of the processing methods of the same era.

To these should be added handicraft shops of several kinds. Candle makers, glass blowers, weavers, book binders and other artisans should be plying their trade in workshops of the early nineteenth century, where visitors could watch them work Their wares should be available for purchase in the Park.

Another addition should be a functioning farm of the same era, where visitors could watch the land being tilled and farm processes being carried out with the tools and techniques of the day. A blacksmith shop should be a part of this complex.

A limited amount of visitor participation could be encouraged at the farm How many modern children have had an opportunity to milk a cow?

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