Music and Literature

The carillon which recently was given to the Park by the Coca-Cola Company furnishes an excellent opportunity to present the music of the South to visitors. This carillon, with its 610 bells, is the largest in the world and is ideally suited to this type of use. Special-purpose music can be "beamed" to any part of the Park. The melodies of Stephen Foster, for example, could furnish an excellent background for many activities in the Park.

The Park could take advantage of the current popularity of all types of folk music by scheduling special concerts by leading folk and spiritual singers.

Much folk music had its origin in the South, and this should be emphasized in special concerts and by regular singers performing, for example, for dinner guests in the Inn.

The music of the war period also should be emphasized. Again the carillon should prove the ideal instrument.

The literature of the South is extensive, and gift shops in the Park should emphasize books by Southerners and about the South. Eventually a separate bookstore in the Park might be-established.

Lecture series and seminars also might prove successful in the future after the image of the Park has become firmly established in the public mind and people begin to view it as a center of information about Southern culture.

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