The Memorial Area

The memorial area is one of the central theme areas of the Park.

Other exhibits and areas concentrate upon such things as patterns of life and work. The memorial area concentrates upon major ideals and concepts of the South.

The memorial area will be made up of two main parts.

The first, the carving, commemorates the soldiers of the Confederacy.

The second, the design currently being developed by Walker Hancock, will commemorate great principles and ideals which have been expressed by Southerners. The current thinking of the sculptor is that his work will make use of quotations by Southerners selected because they were either original or unique in their expression of a certain concept, or because they represented an especially notable expression of this concept.

In keeping with the theme of the Park, the quotations would be chosen from both the periods prior to and following the War Between the States, as well as from the war period itself.

The principles and concepts commemorated by the work of the sculptor also should be treated in the exhibition halls. It is extremely important that as many interrelationships as possible be developed between the memorial area and the rest of the Park.

Stone Mountain must not become known as a Park with a memorial within it. The entire Park should be viewed as a living memorial to the South.

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